Portmore, St. Catherine– In recognition of Global Recycling Day, Supreme Ventures Racing and Entertainment Limited (SVREL), operators of Caymanas Park, is spearheading Caymanas Community Recycling Day in Portmore on Sunday March 17. The event, organized in collaboration with Recycling Partners of Jamaica, Lasco iCool, and Tru-Shake, aims to promote sustainable practices and raise awareness about the importance of recycling in preserving the environment in Jamaica, and specifically Portmore and its environs.

The initiative follows a 2023 agreement between Caymanas Park and Recycling Partners of Jamaica (RPJ) designating the iconic Park an official RPJ Drop Off Location. RPJ, along with Tru-Shake and Lasco iCool, have joined as partners for the initiative.

Aswanda Stoddart, AVP Administration at Caymanas Park, expressed enthusiasm for the upcoming event, stating, “At Caymanas Park, we understand the significance of sustainable practices in safeguarding our environment. We are excited to lead this Caymanas Community Recycling Day initiative, bringing together the community, local businesses, and everyday Jamaicans who care about the environment to create a positive impact on Global Recycling Day. Through partnerships with Recycling Partners of Jamaica, Lasco iCool, and Tru-Shake, we aim to inspire and educate individuals on the importance of recycling for a greener, healthier future and of course giving residents of the local community a convenient option to responsibly dispose of their plastic waste by dropping them off here and preventing them from entering the environment.”

The event will feature a range of activities, including collection points for recyclable materials, opportunity to earn rewards from RPJ. Attendees can also look forward to entertainment provided by Portmore-based media entity, SunCity Radio. Residents and other interested participants are encouraged to bring their HDPE and PET bottles for proper disposal and recycling.

Marketing and Public Relations Manager for Recycling Partners of Jamaica, Candice Ming, welcomes the initiative, noting, “Since 2021, we’ve strived to ensure our Global Recycling Day commemoration activities are impactful. This year, through this partnership with Caymanas Park and other partners, we hope to make a difference in the surrounding communities of the Park and establish a sustainable momentum of recycling plastic bottles through the knowledge of the park being a drop off point. We will also provide further education on what to recycle, how and of course, why. Portmore is home to our largest depot, located in Naggo Head, so we are aiming to establish Portmore as a recycling city, one initiative at a time.”

Caymanas Park invites Jamaica and especially the Portmore community to join the clean up movement on Sunday March 17 beginning at 1pm. World Recycling Day is observed annually on March 18.