Kingston, Jamaica –  A North Coast based businessman has won the $163 million Super Lotto jackpot using numbers his father has been faithfully buying for years.

The winning numbers, 04, 08, 09, 15, 30 and SuperBall 02 were being used by the winner’s father for years without ever hitting the jackpot. Little did he know that those numbers would turn out to be the golden ticket for his son.

“This win is surreal, beyond anything I could have ever imagined,” said SVL’s newest super millionaire at the official handover of his winnings recently. “I buy Super Lotto occasionally and I only bought this ticket because my father gave me the numbers and told me to buy a ticket. He’s the one who checked the results told me that the numbers hit. I was in shock when he called me and told me. It’s almost unbelievable!”

When pressed to say whether he will be sharing his windfall with the man who provided the lucky numbers, his answer was a resounding yes. “Even though I’m the one who won the jackpot, this money will be used to help the whole family. I don’t plan to braff or anything like that, I’m looking to invest in my business, buy real estate and of course make sure Daddy get his share”, he said.

Xesus Johnston, CEO of Supreme Ventures Gaming was pleased to make the company’s first Super Lotto millionaire for 2024. “Last year was phenomenal for our Super Lotto players. We paid out over $1 Billion to three winners, all of whom were excited to help their families and community with their winnings. It’s not lost on us that our jackpots not only transform the lives of our winners who are from all walks of life but also help to improve the lives of so many people who are around them as well. We’re very pleased to be positively impacting the life of yet another Jamaican through Super Lotto.”

Super Lotto was hit three times in Jamaica in 2023 – the highest ever Super Lotto jackpot of $542.5 Million won in April and twice in the winningest Q4 in SVL history, $342M won in November and $144.6M won in December.

The multi-jurisdictional game is currently played in 6 Caribbean countries: Jamaica, Barbados, St. Kitts & Nevis, Anguilla, Antigua and St. Maarten. Draws take place every Tuesday and Friday at 8:30pm.