Supreme Ventures Limited social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube are places where players can come to exchange information on the brand and our games. SVL’s Social Media staff moderates the conversation to maintain a community where everyone can feel comfortable. SVL reserves the right to remove comments/postings that violate these standards and those which it deems offensive, out of context, abusive, spam or promotional in nature.

While we attempt to respond to questions and comments via social media, calling the customer service helpline, (876) 754-6526, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.  Mondays through Sundays, remains the primary way we respond to players’ questions and comments.

By accessing, viewing and/or posting any content to any SVL Social media site, you accept, without limitation or qualification, the following terms of use as well as any other terms of use required by the Company that owns and operates the underlying social media site.

You hereby understand and agree that:

  1. Comments that contain offensive language will always be deleted. A user who blatantly ignores a warning may be banned or blocked immediately without further acknowledgement.
  1. Content that promotes or advertises a business, organization, enterprise or industry other than SVL or it’s subsidiaries will be deleted. A repeat offender may be banned or blocked immediately without acknowledgement.
  1. Rude remarks or comments that attack the integrity of another player or a specific lottery employee will be deleted or blocked. Once warned, a repeat offender may be banned immediately without further acknowledgement.
  1. If a user posts a similar comment multiple times, all but the most recent such post will be deleted.

Any user that violates these terms of use may be permanently banned from the community. Individuals who have been warned or banned in a social media setting for violating the above terms may contact our Communications Department by email or telephone to discuss it.

By sharing comments and other content on SVL’s social media channels, users grant the company the authority to freely display, reproduce, modify, edit or otherwise use submitted content without compensation. This includes rights to use any ideas you submit, in any manner, without notification.

By submitting content to any SVL social media pages, or addressed to SVL through social media, the user understands and acknowledges that that information is available to the public and that SVL may use this information for internal and external promotional purposes.