The Supreme Ventures Foundation was created to further enhance the corporate social responsibility initiatives of the Supreme Ventures Group. The Foundation’s focus is geared towards legacy projects, i.e. projects which will have a lasting and significant impact on the social well-being of the Nation.  This means that we will concentrate on a few projects that will create a legacy, rather than on many small projects, and our primary focus is in the areas of Health, Education and Sports.

Our vision is to spearhead transformational projects that will improve public health care; utilize information technology to bring our educational institutions into the twenty-first century and implement long-term initiatives for the growth and development of Sport in Jamaica.

We will also seek to partner with other Foundations and International Agencies, to truly transform the social well-being of the Jamaican population, as the task to truly make Jamaica great is beyond the scope of any single entity or group of people.  We must all work together.