Supreme¬†Ventures Limited launched the Supreme Scratchaz Supreme Wheels game on Wednesday, May 24 at Stewart’s Auto Gallery, St Andrew.

“We create winners, and we change lives. Scratchaz has been no different. People have realised their dreams in a number of ways, but more importantly has been the realisation that Supreme Ventures continues to innovate and deliver… [to] the market things that are exciting, new and different. Scratchaz is a big part of that,” Xesus Johnston, chief executive officer, Supreme Ventures Gaming Limited, told the media on hand at the launch event.

Introduced just a year ago, Supreme Scratchaz, gives buyers of a ticket 20 chances to win prizes by scratching off sections of the tickets and matching them with the winning numbers also on the ticket. Previously, the maximum payout was $10,000,000. Now the top prize will be one of several 2024 GWM Haval H6 sport utility vehicles under the Supreme Scratchaz Supreme Wheels moniker.

Johnston explained that this was the company’s first time working with any automotive supplier, but the partnership has been long in the making.

After debuting the Supreme Wheels commercial at the event Supreme Ventures will be on a major marketing push to make sure as many people are aware of the opportunity to win the brand new vehicle. The H6 will make its rounds around the country at various locations and promotions for customers to interact with.

Johnston added that it is the hope of Supreme Ventures that Supreme Wheels will expand the appeal of the game to non-traditional customers.

“I can say for every Jamaican it’s a big dream to own a car. Owning a house, owning a car those are two of the most important things for a Jamaican. And, working together, Supreme Ventures and Stewart’s Automotive Group we’re going to make that dream a reality for many Jamaicans,” said Johnston.

Duncan Stewart, general manager, Stewart’s Motors Limited, thanked Supreme Ventures for the partnership. While Debbie Green, general manager, International Game Technology, producers of the Scratchaz cards, expounded that the cards will retain their potential $350,000,000 in cash prizes alongside the Haval H6, making it possible for someone to win both the vehicle and cash together.