The Supreme Ventures Domino Master Series Tournament officially began at Pier 1 in Montego Bay on Sunday, marking the first in a series of islandwide matchups where participants competed for the title of national domino champion.

Competitive “cut-throat” format matches ran throughout the day.

Jerry Gardener made history as the tournament’s first community winner, claiming the grand prize of $150,000. Allan Harris took second place with $100,000, while Licidius Nelson and Gavin Simpson secured third and fourth, each winning $75,000 and $50,000. The top 16 players secured spots in the grand finals scheduled for June 11.

Gary Peart, the executive chairman of Supreme Ventures Limited (SVL), said, “we are pleased with the turnout for the first tournament in the series. The team at Supreme Ventures recognized that domino is a staple in Jamaican culture, so this tournament is a big deal for us. We see the potential of domino as a sport, and as a company that not only provides entertainment but games of skill for our players to win from every day, we are excited about taking dominos to another level in Jamaica.”

The gaming giant’s next stop is Miggie’s Sports Bar in Spanish Town on Sunday.

Dwayne Tulloch, senior vice president of retail and customer operations at SVL, expressed his gratitude to the participants from Montego Bay who attended the inaugural match in the series. “We encourage all Jamaicans to come out and participate at the other stops, where we will be providing wholesome entertainment and, of course, the opportunity for every domino player to vie for a chance at becoming the national domino champion.”

The Supreme Domino Master Series will culminate on Sunday, June 11, at the National Arena, where the top 16 players from each community tournament will automatically qualify for the finals, playing for the title of national champion and $1 million in cash.