The Super Lotto jackpot prize is now at a whopping $460 million. This jackpot is the highest it has been since the $467 million jackpot in October 2010, said Supreme Ventures Limited.

“Supreme Ventures is big on helping others realise their dreams and potential. We are excited about this Super Lotto jackpot and we are looking forward to a lucky customer walking away with this prize soon. It is definitely a life-changing situation when you have an extra $460 million in the bank,” said Xesus Johnston, CEO of Supreme Ventures Gaming Limited.

Customers will be able to purchase Super Lotto tickets at a cost of $300 for a chance to win the full jackpot amount or instead purchase a $200 ticket for a chance to win 60 per cent of the total or $276 million.

Super Lotto draws take place every Tuesday and Friday at 8:30pm.

Supreme Ventures said it is committed to responsible gaming, and encourages adults 18 years and older to game responsibly.