GAMING giant Supreme Ventures Limited (SVL), for the second year in a row, has backed through sponsorship the Jamaica Gymnastics Classic, which took place at the National Training Centre on Slipe Road on February 11 and 12.

According to SVL’S Corporate Communications and Public Relations Manager Chloleen Daley-muschett, “Supreme Ventures is proud to be a part of this tournament yet again”.

“Jamaica is a hub for talented athletes, and not only those on the track. These gymnasts are tremendously talented and passionate, and Jamaica has every reason to be a top gymnast-producing country. We are committed to bringing to fruition the dreams of these athletes as well as those of the event organisers, likewise,” she said.

The three-year partnership between SVL and the Jamaica Amateur Gymnastics Association (JAGA) came to life through the Jamaica Olympic Association and is an exciting one that is expected to aid in strengthening gymnastics in Jamaica.

The tournament brought together over 100 gymnasts from clubs across Jamaica, national aspirants, and international interests travelling from the USA, UK, Canada, and Trinidad & Tobago. The company’s sponsorship has allowed JAGA to add two additional judges to properly assess and judge the gymnasts at the highest standard.

On day one, session one featured overseas-based gymnasts while session two featured competitive levels 3 and 4 athletes. Day two saw sessions three and four take place, which featured levels 6-10 and 1-2 gymnasts, respectively.

The junior athletes competed for a spot at the Junior World Championships in Turkey from March 25-April 3, 2023, while the senior gymnasts competed for 5 spots at the Pan Am championships in Columbia.

Additionally, the seniors will be filling 5 spots for the CAC Championships for which Jamaica has already qualified.

Taking home the victory in the level 1 category was Asia Henry from Nishida’s Gym whilst her fellow gym mates, Leila Bell and Nia Lawson, placed second and third, respectively. Level 2 saw Jada Howell of Jamaica School of Gymnastics taking home first place, with Malkia Collins and Piakristina Edwards coming in second and third, respectively.

Nishida’s Gym took home yet another trophy following Maia Campbell’s win in the level 3 category, with Laila Allana Grier and Elizabeth James taking second and third place, respectively. Levels 4-7 saw Quasiann Palmer (Nishida’s Gym), Ariana Henry (Boundless Gym), and Satria Mclean (Jamaica School of Gymnastics) all securing victory at their various levels. Arianna Richardson and Zuri Matrandara-clarke of the Jamaica School of Gymnastics both placed first in levels 8 and 9, whilst Isabelle David of AOGC placed first in the level 10 category.

“We are most thankful for the support that Supreme Ventures has consistently shown over the past two years. Their sponsorship has provided us with well-needed resources that we otherwise wouldn’t have received.

“We are hoping that with this show of faith more young people will want to get engaged in the sport and build it from strength to strength. We have the opportunity to become one of Jamaica’s most successful sports, and we cannot do that without companies like Supreme Ventures standing beside us,” stated Nicole Grant, president of the JAGA.

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