KINGSTON, Jamaica— The University Hospital of the West Indies’ (UHWI) diagnostic department received a boost this week with the donation of a mobile ultrasound machine from the Supreme Ventures Foundation (SVF).

According to a statement from SVF, the machine, which arrived at the hospital recently, will be integrated into the UHWI’s diagnostic network in the coming days.

The foundation said one of the key benefits of the equipment is its data compatibility with the UHWI’s information network that can be accessed remotely.

In a formal handover days before SVL celebrated its 20th anniversary on June 25, Supreme Ventures Executive Chairman, Gary Peart, said the donation was brought about by clear and open communication between the foundation and the hospital’s executives, who expressed the need in the height of the COVID-19 fight.

“While we have always been supportive of national efforts to improve health care through our annual good cause donations to government bodies, this effort symbolises a more intimate partnership, to provide the resources for an urgent specific need. It speaks to the level of open communication that must be established between health care institutions that sit on the frontline of pandemics and daily emergencies and private entities who have the resources and stand at the ready to assist,” he argued.

The ultrasound machine was earmarked for a section of the intensive care unit to prevent possible cross-contamination as the hospital also treats COVID-19 cases.

However, as more steps are taken to vaccinate the public and hospitalisations taper off, Dr Sundeep Shah, Head of Diagnostics and Interventional Radiology said the machine was still an urgent need in other areas of critical care.