Supreme Ventures Group (SVG) on Monday announced the expansion of its gaming machine business in three Caribbean countries after the conclusion of negotiations with ICE Jamaica Limited.

ICE Jamaica, which has been operating in Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and Guyana for the last 10 years, has provided video lottery terminals (VLT) in a revenue-sharing agreement with SVG.

“With negotiations now concluded, it means that SVG has purchased gaming machines and other equipment located in Jamaica, Trinidad, and Guyana from ICE Jamaica,” SVG Chairman Gary Peart told the Jamaica Observer.

“What this also means is that the revenue-sharing agreement with ICE has ended, and publicly I would like to thank ICE for their contribution over the many years we have worked together,” Peart said. “This deepens the presence of SVG in the gaming market as our programme of expansion continues.”

Chief executive officer of Prime Sports (Jamaica) Limited (PSJL)  a wholly owned subsidiary of SVL  Xesus Johnston said the company is always looking at new ventures and opportunities that will drive growth.

“We are aligned to our customers’ needs, and PSJL continues to innovate to improve customer satisfaction and increase market share,” Johnson said.

He pointed out that globally the gaming industry is a significant contributor to government revenue and national development, and Jamaica is no exception.

“Prime Sports (Jamaica) Limited recognises the opportunities in the industry, and so we continue to invest and innovate even during this uncertain period to ensure our gaming products achieve solid returns.”


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