By Livingston Scott – The Gleaner – October 31 2018


In an effort to increase the ownership of horses at Caymanas Park and revamp the industry in general, Supreme Ventures Racing and Entertainment Limited (SVREL) has introduced a new incentive that is aimed at attracting new owners to the sport.


Peter Green, SVREL director of marketing, announced at the launch of the 40th Super Stakes at Caymanas Park on Monday that the horse racing promoters will be hosting a raffle in December, where the prize will be a horse valued at $1.5 million.


In addition SVREL will stand the cost of keeping and caring for the animal for the first two years of its racing life.


“We are trying to get more people interested in horse racing. We want to make ownership of a horse a reality because a lot of people see it as beyond their reach, so we are trying to make it as easy as possible and to open it to as many people as possible to own a horse.


Green said SVREL will be purchasing a horse in the upcoming yearling sale, valued at $1.5 million and this horse will be the main prize in a raffle which will be drawn on December 19.


“It will be their (raffle winner’s) horse to name, they will choose who they want to train the horse, they will choose their colours for the horse and we the promoters, SVREL, will stand the care and keep of the horse for two years.


“So as the horse performs as a two-year-old and a three-year-old we will stand the cost of the keep and care and all winnings over those two years go back to the owner. So it’s at no cost to them, it’s at no risk,” Green explained.


The raffle will be open to the public, except employees of SVREL, and Green says he expects many persons to take up the opportunity to become an owner.


“We think it’s a wonderful opportunity to open the sport to a wider audience. Everybody knows that for the industry to strive and survive we need more stocks of horses,” he said.


“Once the horse is purchased in the yearling sale we will have the horse on parade each raceday so people can see what they have the opportunity to win,” he added. Each raffle ticket will cost $500.



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