By Leighton Levy


Newly appointed CEO of Supreme Ventures Racing and Entertainment (SVREL) Major Hugh Blake, said he has hit the ground running and is already executing plans to expand the gaming company into new markets.

Major Blake, who was among guests at Thursday’s press launch of the Supreme Ventures 2-Y-O horse racing series at the Spanish Court Hotel in Kingston, began his job on Monday. He has immediately rolled his sleeves up and got to work, telling SportsMax.TV that he shares the vision of his employer.

“Essentially, my vision is aligned with the vision of the board. We hope to be able to diversify the streams of revenue both for the horse-racing and non-horse racing revenue-generating possibilities and a lot of the plans pre-date me. There are in place and they are good plans so what is left for me to do is to ensure that those plans are executed properly in a timely way,” he said while indicating that there were things he wants to take on immediately.

“There are a number of low hanging fruits. One of those is the expansion of the Off Track Betting (OTB) sites, putting them into areas that are virgin territories so we will be doing that and that I think promises to generate significantly more revenues. There is also a great possibility for simulcasting – outbound as well as inbound.”

SVREL’s Director of Marketing Peter Green announced on Thursday plans to open 10 OTBs in Chapelton, Clarendon, Highgate, St. Mary and Montego Bay. The company also plans to open 30 by the end of the month.

The company has also relaunched its mobile betting platform MBET.

Beyond, expansion, Major Blake revealed another immediate objective.

“One of the priorities would be to improve the facilities (at Caymanas Park) so that we offer a better customer experience. So we are going through the planning phase and strategizing how best to do that,” Major Blake said, adding that he believes he is up for the challenge.

“I am very excited about it. I see tremendous possibilities. It is just a question of getting them done and I hope to provide the kind of leadership that will get them done.”